Re: [gnome-db] recent GSEAL addition

On Mon, 2011-11-14 at 12:38 -0600, Daniel Espinosa wrote:
> Ok.
> Following with GdaNumeric sealing I've commit a patch to make
> GSEAL_ENABLE take effect using:
> with it I've found an fixed internal SQLite and PostgreSQL providers.
> Others must be fixed when required (I didn't because I don't have them
> installed)

I noticed that libgda/handlers/gda-handler-numerical.c still uses
GdaNumeric's struct definition:

  GdaNumeric numeric;
  numeric.precision = 0;
  numeric.width = 0;

I noticed this when using the --enable-warnings=max option with autogen.
I already added -DGSEAL_ENABLE to that in git master. That shows me:

gda-handler-numerical.c: In function
gda-handler-numerical.c:265:14: error: storage size of 'numeric' isn't

murrayc murrayc com

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