[gnome-db] recent GSEAL addition

2011/11/11 Murray Cumming <murrayc murrayc com>:
> Is this API change appropriate in the stable libgda 5.0?
> http://git.gnome.org/browse/libgda/commit/?id=3b5c67b0535093c91b32dfa08bb02b9f9b39474b
> Hopefully the use of GSEAL just makes it an API (rather than ABI)
> change, but still, it is unexpected.

GSEAL() macro doesn't modify API/ABI. Any one compiling the source
doesn't note any change nor applications using it. This macro is a
convenience at compile time and is just to check if you are using the
accessors not direct access to the sealed struct.

In order to see if the applications aren't using the now opaque struct
of GdaNumeric's members, when you compile with


any code accessing directly to GdaNumeric members will fail at compile
time. You'll advised to use accessors.

GDA master doesn't compile with GSEAL_ENABLE. This will be a process,
first fixing gda-value.c/.h and then providers.

I need to add documentation in order to explain this.

> The new functions should have @since tags in their documentation.

I'm so sorry, I'll take care to add this tags and other
recommendations made by Vivien on codding.

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