Re: [gnome-db] uses of gda


>    Please, may you tell if:
> - my GDA app needs a daemon to run?


> - I can use GDA on non-visual apps? and without depending on visual
> apps to config it?


> - I can load gda config from a custom location?
> - I can load custom providers from a location I choose, instead from
> the system's location?

I think it depends on prefix chosen during compile time.

> - I need an oracle client installed on my machine to use the oracle provider?


>    The reason I am asking all of this is I wouldn't like my app to
> depend of the entire gnome system to run. It would be good to be
> installed in a gnome environment, but I would like the possibility of
> running my app, possibly with custom GDA providers, on an envinronment
> where I have just glib and gda lib installed and no XServer.

We use libgda with apache or nginnx for example. So, no gnome or X or
GUI libs installed.


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