Re: [gnome-db] Firebird driver

On 11 December 2011 08:58, Faghmie Davids <faghmie aquasoftware co za> wrote:
Hi Vivien,

Sorry for the late response.

Here is my patch file so far for the firebird provider.

It only run select statements. Your feedback and guidance will be

There is still quite a bit missing, but at least I can now select data
from a firebird database :-). Please note that it does not do the input,
parameters for statements.....mainly cause I never use it :-)

If there is some interest I'll work some more on it ;-)

Please ignore the changes to the files needed for compilation, I was
just messing with it to get it to compile.

I've applied parts of your patch, see

The modifications I've made are:
  • removed the irrelevant changes you mentionned
  • modified the code to respect the coding style of the other parts of Libgda
  • have 2 providers build for Firebird: one using the client library, and one using the embedded version of Firebird.
I haven't yet tested it (I have to set up a Firebird server), so I only checked that it compiles. About the remaining work to do, I'd really like to have the Firebird provider a 1st class database provider in Libgda, so some more work is needed. If you have some time that'd be great you do part of it (prepared statements, blob support and debug info removal mainly).

Thanks for your work!


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