Re: [gnome-db] uses of gda

On 11 December 2011 01:53, Marcelo Elias Del Valle <mvallebr gmail com> wrote:

  I am new to GDA and I wonder if it would serve the purposes for my
project. I would like some help to decide.
  Please, may you tell if:
- my GDA app needs a daemon to run?

- I can use GDA on non-visual apps? and without depending on visual
apps to config it?

- I can load gda config from a custom location?

Yes, see

- I can load custom providers from a location I choose, instead from
the system's location?

If you mean specifying your own directory which is supposed to have your database providers, then no. However Libgda can be compiled to be installed in any directory (or even be relocatable), in this case the providers are loaded from that custom directory (i.e. different from the system one). If you actually need to specify where you database providers are, it's fairly easy to add to Libgda.
- I need an oracle client installed on my machine to use the oracle provider?

No, what you need are the OCI libraries, which can freely be downloaded from Orcale's web site. You'll also need them to compile the Oracle provider.

  The reason I am asking all of this is I wouldn't like my app to
depend of the entire gnome system to run. It would be good to be
installed in a gnome environment, but I would like the possibility of
running my app, possibly with custom GDA providers, on an envinronment
where I have just glib and gda lib installed and no XServer.

No problem. For example one of the tools bundled with Libgda is an SQL console tool (i.e. SQL shell) which has no GUI.


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