Re: [gnome-db] [Vala] Web framework in Vala

On 12/08/2011 12:02 AM, Daniel Espinosa wrote:

> May you want to use GDA[1] as your Database driver holder and use some
> futures I'm developing in Vala for it. GDA and my resent additions in
> libgda-vala branch, have full GIR/Typelib and Vala bindings to get
> access from any language supporting GObject Introspction.

Sure! GDA was considered as primary SQL adapter for Valum.

> I want to create a GObject DataBase persistence framework and get some
> functionalists equivalent to Python's Django framework. I plant to use
> metadata information from database adquired by GDA to "navigate"
> between  objects with references and get others that depends on it,
> like Django does, with the advantage to have Vala/C/GObject library
> available to different languages.

Really great idea. I came from Ruby on Rails world and some ORM is
really must have for Valum. I know it will be hard implement every
feature that implemented in dynamic languages as Python and Ruby...
But anyway something less raw than connection needed here.

> I also plan to develop a small cash management application using Vala

Ony my small opinion, but GNUCash is awesome :) I use it and it has a
lot of wisdom and knows about almost every edge case. Also it has very
good documentation and manuals about personal finance management.

Unfortanutley they do not use libgda but libgdi.

> [1]

Thanks for the link, Daniel. I will look there next time i'll hack on

> 2011/12/7 Antono Vasiljev <self antono info>:
>> Hello, All.
>> I've pushed v0.0.1 of web framework for vala - Valum.
>> Some features and ideas behind Valum:
>> - Inspired by sinatra.rb
>> - Allows lua scripting (more to come)
>> - Based on Soup for http parsing
>> Planned features:
>> Join the fun :)
>> --
>> antono

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