Re: [gnome-db] GDA+Vala - Merging Request or Feedback

On 7 December 2011 00:46, Daniel Espinosa <esodan gmail com> wrote:
I've reached a milestone on libgda-vala branch.

a) An usable GObject used as a persisten DataBase object. Actually it
takes a table and condition to search a row; you can modify, update
and save. Is intended as base class for others.

b) I've created a GObject that takes a GdaDataModel and allows to
iterate using foreach instructions in Vala. Iterates per value and you
can now the row and column this value come from. Its a concept, but
you can filter and chop (a range of values) using Gee constructions
and Vala.

The branch creates a new library called libgdadata, builds GObject
Introspection and VAPI bindings. Have Unit Tests.

Could any give some feedback around this objects and may be some ideas
or feature requests?

I can create a GdaDataSelect derived object, written in pure Vala as
an extension in order to make Vala programming a piece of cake. Even
GDA can get advantage of Vala future for GObject based libraries,
because much less code to write. Just an idea. I plan to add more
features in libgdadata library as far as I can.

All Autotools infrastructure is in place, then could be very easy to
add new objects and test them. For now Vala is a soft dependency and
libgdadata is built using --enable-vala-extensions=yes switch.

I you agree, I can merge this branch as soon as approved.


Sorry I took so long to reply (been very busy these last few days...)  I'm no Vala expert so I can't give an opinion on the usefulness or if it's correctlyy coded, however before merging to master, could you:
- correct the libgda/data/ to include a usefull description, and to change the "libgxml" name
- add some example code (to samples/)
- add some documentation on how to use the Vala extension (in doc/C/)

Also I've got gee-1.0 (on a Fedora 16) and not gee-0.8, and so, as it does not compile, I can't test. Do you plan to switch to gee-1.0?

Thanks for all your work and involvement,


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