Re: [gnome-db] "ALTER USER", etc, with GdaSqlBuilder?

On 20 May 2010 21:33, Murray Cumming <murrayc murrayc com> wrote:
> On Thu, 2010-05-20 at 17:40 +0200, Vivien Malerba wrote:
>> On 20 May 2010 13:52, Murray Cumming <murrayc murrayc com> wrote:
>> > Is there any way to use GdaSQlBuilder to do thinks like this, which Glom
>> > does with PostgreSQL?:
>> >
>> > ALTER USER "bob" PASSWORD "secret"
>> > CREATE USER "bob" PASSWORD "secret"
>> > REVOKE ALL PRIVILEGES ON "invoices" FROM "bob"
>> No. For this kind of statement (other than SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT or
>> DELETE) you can either directly use SQL
> Yes, we do that now.
>>  or use the GdaServerOperation
>> (though at the moment the GdaServerOperation does not support doing
>> any user manipulation, and it should be added, tell me if you would
>> like to have this in the 4.2).
> Thanks. Of course I'd like to have it, but it's not particularly urgent.
> It's just the last SQL-building code in Glom that we have not replaced
> with GdaSqlBuilder or GdaServerOperation. I guess that it would
> unnecessarily delay 4.2.

Adding it is only a matter or declaring it in the
dta-server-operation.h file and implementing it for the PostgreSQL
provider (which is the one used by Glom), with a little documentation
along the way... should not be that hard.


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