[gnome-db] GDA 4 and Ubuntu Lucid


I have asked this question off-list, but would like to ask "officially".
Is there any plan to release GDA 4.2 in *near* future and include it in
upcoming Ubuntu Lucid release?

Current situation with availability of semi buggy GDA3 here and there
*and* not yet stable and usable GDA4 4.0.x is far from comfortable from
distributing GDA derived applications/libraries point of view.

I ask about Ubuntu Lucid because it's LTS release.
*If* GDA 4.2 (even with acceptable issues) could be included in this
Ubuntu release, a support for it, with minor updates, would be available
for years, giving other people stable library basement.

I know, GDA has own releases cycle, but distros have own too, and these
days, plenty of people select applications depending on their
availability either in distros or other compatible repositories.


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