[gnome-db] Two (probably dumb) libgda newbie questions

Hi to the list,
I'm currently experimenting with gda (4.1.4) and the ui extension and
I'm not able to do the following things:

1) I have a GdauiForm bound to a mysql table and set editable. One
field is a date field. Retrieving it from mysql works ok, the form
shows a date picker and correctly show the value in a user friendly
format (DD/MM/YYYY) but when I change it and commit the changes (to
the db) the date is set to 01/01/1970. I think this is due to the fact
that it commit to the db the string as shown to the user and not in a
"dbfriendly" format. So how I can modify that value in a "dbfriendly"
one before the changes are committed to the db?

2) I would like to have another field (in the same gdauiform) that
saves a bigint that is a primary key in another table, but I (of
course) wouldn't like to show the number directly, but a combobox (or
something like this) that takes a description field from the second
table. Selecting that description should set the bigint value that is
the primary key of that description in the db field of the first
Is it possible at all?

Probably these are really dumb question but I've searched a lot in the
documentation and can't find an answer, so any help or hint is greatly

Thanks in advance!

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