Re: [gnome-db] GDA 4 and Ubuntu Lucid

2010/1/21 Piotr Pokora <piotrek pokora gmail com>:
> Hi!
> I have asked this question off-list, but would like to ask "officially".
> Is there any plan to release GDA 4.2 in *near* future and include it in
> upcoming Ubuntu Lucid release?
> Current situation with availability of semi buggy GDA3 here and there
> *and* not yet stable and usable GDA4 4.0.x is far from comfortable from
> distributing GDA derived applications/libraries point of view.
> I ask about Ubuntu Lucid because it's LTS release.
> *If* GDA 4.2 (even with acceptable issues) could be included in this
> Ubuntu release, a support for it, with minor updates, would be available
> for years, giving other people stable library basement.
> I know, GDA has own releases cycle, but distros have own too, and these
> days, plenty of people select applications depending on their
> availability either in distros or other compatible repositories.

I understand your concerns, and I've just released a 4.1.4 version
which still contains some UI extension bugs, for the purpose of having
a 4.2 ASAP.

However, regarding the core features (non UI), the corrections made in
the 4.1.x releases have all been backported into the 4.0.x versions.
So the problem maybe should be to have Lucid include an up to date 4.0
version (the 4.0.6 has just been released and a 4.0.7 is on the way).


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