Re: [gnome-db] GdaSqlStatementSelect->where_cond

Vivien Malerba pisze:


>> I am looking at GdsSqlStatementSelect diagram and hardly find how to set
>> multiple where conditions to Statement structure.
> You can only specify one GdaSqlExpr as the WHERE condition (the
> GdaSqlStatementSelect::where_cond), so if you need several condition,
> you need to create a GdaSqlExpr which acts as the "top level" AND or
> OR operation. There are various example in Libgda's code which
> illustrate how to set this up.

What about expr->value of type string? Should I quote it explicitly?
gda_sql_identifier_add_quotes add double quotes, so I assume I should
take care of strings and quote them before setting expression value.


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