Re: [gnome-db] INSERT statement with binary data


> I disagree with Johannes on this, it seems. I don't think libgda should
> do any automatic string<->number/date/time conversion. Any such
> conversion would be locale-specific. I'd like libgda to force
> application coders to write robust code.
> At the best you'd have to document it as using ISO formatting for the
> text representation. But then the application coder would have to
> convert their user-visible locale-specific text representation to an ISO
> text-represenation, so they might as just convert it to the correct type
> instead.

Well, I got confused because we already have a get_sql_type() method and
now I had to add a get_gda_type() method which seems odd.

Anyway, I wasn't talking about number<->string conversions but of having
equivalent database converted (GdaNumeric<->gint,


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