Re: [gnome-db] INSERT statement with binary data

2009/1/22 Johannes Schmid <jhs jsschmid de>

OK, I finally got this working but I have a question on the data types.
If I pass something like

(##contact_id::int, ##first_name::string, ...)"

but contact_id has a value type GdaNumeric that libgda complains that
the data types do not match. Same when I passt first_name::varchar.
Shouldn't libgda handle such conversions itself?

Yes, right now Libgda is very conservative about data types matching, and automatic conversions should be implemented when possible. Anyway, this is post V4.

Btw, I still think that those gda-easy methods are general useful also
in the C++ bindings.

Yes, I've added this to my TODO list.


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