[gnome-db] INSERT statement with binary data


I am trying to fix a bug in glom where it tries to insert binary data (a
png image) using an INSERT statement. SqlParser reports that the
statement is malformed but I couldn't figure out how to fix that. The
statement is basically:

INSERT INTO "contacts" ("contact_id", "name_first", "name_middle",
"name_last", "name_title", "address_street", "address_town",
"address_state", "address_country", "address_postcode", "date_of_birth",
"comments", "name_full", "picture", "email", "website", "tel_home",
"tel_work", "tel_mobile", "tel_fax") VALUES
Cumming', '<no a lot of binary data follows>',

The binary data looks about like this: \\362\\377\\001NIU\\225\\016\\376
\\034\\350\\000\\000\\000\\000IEND\\256B`\\202 (just an example.

How does this data need to be encoded so that GdaSqlParser is happy with


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