Re: [gnome-db] calendar doen't work when use GdaQuery

2008/9/20 paragasu <paragasu gmail com>
i have postgresql table with one column of type date.

if i use GdaCommand for SELECT,  gnome_db_raw_form will display a very nice
calender dialog for the date entry.

but i use GdaQuery (which i have to), gnome_db_raw_form will disable
the calendar dialog.
only the inactive button beside the date entry displayed.

The problem comes from the fact that the GdaQuery object does not see the column as a date and so it does not display the corresponding calendar widget.

database's objects, using You can try to make sure the corresponding GdaDict has an up to date meta data view of the gda_dict_update_dbms_meta_data ().

This difference between the GdaCommand and GdaQuery made me replace both of them by a single other much more simple to handle object in V4 ( a GdaStatement object).

If it's not enough, then you can try to set the "plugin" property (as you did for the picture plugin) but using the "date" plugin (which is not really a plugin but will be treated the same).

p/s:i am using V3. not going to V4 yet.

 I'm working on the V4 at the moment to make it really robust.



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