Re: [gnome-db] loading plugin for gnome db grid fail for linked widget

2008/9/20 paragasu <paragasu gmail com>
i have linked grid and form. (gnome_db_raw_grid/form)
user information will be display on the form based on the selection
made from the grid.

one column in the form contain photo. so i load the picture plugin using

data_set= gnome_db_basic_form_get_data_set (GNOME_DB_BASIC_FORM (raw_form));
param = gda_parameter_list_find_param (data_set, "photo");
       g_object_set (G_OBJECT (param), "entry_plugin", "picture", NULL);

doesn't work. i got warning

     G_IS_OBJECT (object) failed

It seems to fail because the gda_parameter_list_find_param (data_set, "photo"); returned NULL (probably because the column you want is not named "photo"). Use the column number instead:
param = GDA_PARAMETER (g_slist_nth_data (data_set->parameters), col_number);



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