Re: [gnome-db] how to use gnome_db_find_dialog

2008/9/20 paragasu <paragasu gmail com>
i need help on how to get gnome_db_find_dialog working.
bacicly what i do is,

       find_dlg = gnome_db_find_dialog_new_with_model("Search Account", edb->dpage1);

it work. Display a dialog for user input. But when i click the find
button, nothing happen.
Do i miss something.when i should do next?

Actually what i want is a search box like devhelp search box (to find
I want the gnome_db_raw_grid to be updated every time the user type
something on the
gtk_entry. How to do it?

It was never implemented in V3 so you can't use it (the code for the widget is very minimal and contains nothing usefull, so it has been removed in V4).

You can use the GnomeDbDataWidgetFilter object for this purpose. It is still quite primitive but should be improved for the V4.



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