Re: [gnome-db] list of available plugins

2008/10/3 paragasu <paragasu gmail com>
what is the list of available plugin in libgnomedb besides "picture" ?

All the plugins are in the  gnome_db_plugins_hash hash table (it's not very documented...) where the key is plugin name and the value is the GnomeDbPlugin structure pointer.

is it possible to write my own plugin?

Of course, this is what plusgins are for! What you need to do is create a share library; when that library is loaded, the plugin_init() function is executed. See for example the libgbomedb/plugins files to see how it's done. If you write some plugins which you think may be usefull for others, then I cn include them as part of libgnomedb's own plugins if you want.

and how to execute it?

Like you did for the "picture" plugin.



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