Re: [gnome-db] gda_column_get_primary_key()

2008/11/20 Johannes Schmid <jhs jsschmid de>

> In V3 the information was available using the GdaDict object. In V4,
> the same information is available using the GdaMetaStruct object.
> The only difference (appart from the API) is that in V3 all the
> dictionary had to be in memory all the time even if not used whereas
> in V4 only the requested part of the dictionary is loaded in memory:
> the dictionary itself is represented by a GdaMetaStore (which uses a
> DB) and an extract of the dictionary is represented as a
> GdaMetaStruct.

Could you give me some example then how to replace
gda_column_set_primary_key() in V4? I have checked the API of
GdaMetaStore and GdaMetaStruct but it's not obvious to me how that
should work.

gda_column_set_primary_key() only positionned a boolean to TRUE. If what you need is to set a boolean and then later test that boolean, you can use the g_object_set/get_data() as a replacement.

If you are talking about gda_column_get_primary_key(), to obtain information about a table's column, then you can have a look at the example at

You can also have a look at the set_column_properties_from_select_stmt() function in the gda-data-select.c which determines some attributes for the columns of a data model resulting of the execution of a SELECT statement.



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