Re: [gnome-db] problem (?) in docs for 3.99

On Fri, Mar 21, 2008 at 4:29 AM, Mark Johnson <mrj001 shaw ca> wrote:
> On page:
>  we find the following explanation of variables in the SQL string:
>  ##NAME[::TYPE[::NULL]]: for a variable named NAME with the optional type
>  TYPE (which can be a GType name or a custom database type name), and
>  with the optional "::NULL" to instruct that the variable can be NULL.
>  It says I can use a GType name.  Does that not include "GString"?  I get
>  the following error:

The GLib type for a string is "gchararray" (it's in the GLib), which
you should use instead of "GString". However Libgda also recognizes
"string" for the same type. If you think "GString" should also be
recognized , then I can add it.



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