Re: [gnome-db] where can I find a contact management db

2008/7/27 Daniel. <gauthier daniel gmail com>:
> Hello all (again)
> I was all enthousiastic about a reply I received today and looked further
> inside various application development repository such as,
> and only to find out that the Linux community
> does not have a Contact Management System for Gnome ;-(
> I'm surprised, I'm frustrated (not at you specifically of course) to see
> that no contact management system exist for desktop users.
> I found one on but it is not conveviable on the Linux side and the
> project is very basic.  It's called DefCon at:
> Any how, if someone knows of an application (evolution is more like an
> Outlook program for email and Open Office is too generic) that would allow
> one person to store contacts, allow multiple mailing, etc, I would be most
> interrested in collaborating on such project if I need too!

Did you have a look at Chandler (

Also I'd suggest to see if ACT can work on Linux using Wine as that
would give you some time to find a replacement.

Otherwise you could start your own project or contribute to an
existing project which you think is a good starting point, if you have
some coding skills or if you want to learn to. It's not all that much
difficult. Anyway going that way you'll have to make a list of the
features you need first and give them priorities.



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