Re: [gnome-db] where can I find a contact management db

Hello all (again)

I was all enthousiastic about a reply I received today and looked further inside various application development repository such as, and only to find out that the Linux community does not have a Contact Management System for Gnome ;-(

I'm surprised, I'm frustrated (not at you specifically of course) to see that no contact management system exist for desktop users.

I found one on but it is not conveviable on the Linux side and the project is very basic.  It's called DefCon at:

Any how, if someone knows of an application (evolution is more like an Outlook program for email and Open Office is too generic) that would allow one person to store contacts, allow multiple mailing, etc, I would be most interrested in collaborating on such project if I need too!



On Sat, Jul 26, 2008 at 1:02 PM, Daniel. <gauthier daniel gmail com> wrote:
Hello all:

A friend of mine just installed Gnome on my computer.

Linux rocks!

My intention is to get rid of all Windoze applicaiton to eventualy use only Linux.

Please tell me:  I have a contact dB that has a fair amount of personal contacts.

Does anyone know of a project that would allow me to migrate these contacts on the Gnome site and use an open source application to manage my calendar.  Preferably it would not be one of the many "calendar" sytems that comes genericaly but rather a more evoluted contact management system that just does that: manage contacts with scheduling etc.

right now my dontact mgnt is ACT for Windows.




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