Re: [gnome-db] API Break Request for gda_insert_row_into_table

2008/12/29 Daniel Espinosa <esodan gmail com>
I have a problem when implementing:




For the first, now it creates correctly the required GdaStatement and returns a GdaBatchStatement.

Bur for the second one, I found that *gda_set_set_holder_value* doesn't accept GValue* to set the required Holder, but the value, then for my porpouse I want to use this functions with GValues in order to now the values to set to the holder. I have two options:

1. Use GValue and gets its internal value to use with *gda_set_set_holder_value*

2. Append a new *gda_set_set_holder_value_from_value* to GdaSet in order to this job directly

What do you think?

I can add a new option:

3. Use gda_set_get_holder and set the value to the holder, but I found that this function, doesn't set error if the holder is not found! like gda_set_set_holder_value, then if the holder is not found I can't get any feed back. (Now I'm using this option, but would like to know what about to get an error feed back!)

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