Re: [gnome-db] Windows port

On 6/13/07, Brecht Sanders <brecht sanders org> wrote:

> I've just committed a lot of (small) modifications to "port" libgda
> and libgnomedb on the Windows platform. There are still some issues to
> solve but the main part is done and seems to work, see my post at
> .
That's excellent news!
> I intend to fully support the Windows in the upcoming releases.
> I've set up a specific page on the Gnome-DB wiki to explain how to
> compile and install on Windows (
> For those of you who are interrested, please test and report any
> problem you have (preferably in Bugzilla).
Just a question: which dependancy libraries did you use?

The only dependancies are the GLib/GTK+ (and their dependancies...).
As I used the MinGW cross compil chain, there are no other

Did you compile them yourself, or did you get the libraries somewhere in
binary form (e.g. DevPak)?

All the files required are available for download  at
I did not compile them myself.



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