Re: [gnome-db] Gnome DB XML Documentation

On 10/19/06, Laurent Marzullo <laurent marzu org> wrote:
Hum ... I do not find it.
I've no dtd directory into ${prefix}/share/libgda
only an xml one containing the following files:


Perhaps I have to install a more recent version of libgda.
Currently I have the 1.2.3 version installed (on my gentoo).

But it's seem that the download page is not yet ready on the web site
(at least for stable version).

I've find a 1.9.99 that I've download and tried to install, but I've a
compilation error:

You indeed need a more recent development (unstable) version; the
latest is 1.99.0 (the 1.9.99 version is more than one year old). Can
you try with that version?



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