Re: [gnome-db] Gnome DB XML Documentation

On 10/19/06, Laurent Marzullo <laurent marzu org> wrote:

And is there a XML Schema (or DTD) to describe a data base ?
The table, view etc ?

According to the web site

A dictionary of the database structure (data types, tables,
constraints, ...) can be created, synchronized with the database it
represents, saved to a file and loaded. Developing applications which
need information about the database structure is now easier. The
dictionary can be extended to include any kind of information which an
application may want to store in it.

Where may I find information about the saved file ? Is it an XML one ?

Oh, ok, I had not understood you were talking about the XML files for
dictionaries. There is in fact a DTD for the dictionary files named
libgda-dict.dtd and installed in ${prefix}/share/libgda/dtd



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