Re: [gnome-db] What is this error?

Em Qui, 2006-10-12 �20:16 -0300, Juan Pablo escreveu: 
> El jue, 12-10-2006 a las 16:11 -0300, Juan Pablo Daniel Borgna escribi� > El jue, 12-10-2006 a las 11:48 +0200, Vivien Malerba escribi� > > On 10/11/06, Juan Pablo Daniel Borgna <jpdborgna shellcode com ar> wrote:
> > > > relocation error: /usr/lib/libgda/providers/ undefined
> > > > symbol: sqlite_complete
> > > 

sqlite_complete is called in sql_split at gda-sqlite-provider.c (it
apparently should be sqlite3_complete), which in turn is called in
process_sql_commands. From a quick look, you should be safe by not endig
the query with ";" (and issuing one query by call) - assuming it works
with sqlite, never used it.

This bug seems to be due to Debian's use of version 3 of sqlite, and was
fixed in libgda 1.2.2 (it's present in libgda 1.2.1, which is the sarge

> It could be that the version statically linked in gda is older than my
> client?
> I can use it now, but i think it should be recompiled dinamically or at
> least against the same version of the client wich cames with the distro.
> If this is the problem, is like an aberration for the debian stable
> people ;) Am i the only one using it? :P

Debian's libgda is dinamically linked.

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