Re: [gnome-db] What is this error?

On 10/11/06, Juan Pablo Daniel Borgna <jpdborgna shellcode com ar> wrote:
relocation error: /usr/lib/libgda/providers/ undefined
symbol: sqlite_complete

Which version of Libgda is that? Could it be a conflict with a local
installation of SQLite? (normally libgda uses its own embedded version
of SQLite statically linked so there should not be any conflict...)

I tried to do an insert on a sqlite db.

The insert is:

INSERT INTO table_test ( id, date, hostname, message, v1_int,v2_int)
VALUES (2241221, '2006-10-11 18:13:06.167773430+77343',
'16777343', 'hello world!',      5,     32)

This query is correct...

If i open a console with sqlite, that query works fine.

I have debian sarge.

Saludos, Juan Pablo.

PD: I didnt forget to send what happened with the data copy betwin
tables, i still couldnt do it. Ill promise to send what happened when
its done.




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