[gnome-db] Little API problems

I've noticed some things while wrapping the new libgda API:

- gda_value_set_type(GdaValue*, GType) is declared but not implemented.
I can't imagine what it's meant to do. Maybe it's meant to take a
GdaValueType instead of a GType.
- gda_value_get_binary() returns a GdaBinary* which contains data and a
size, but the function also has a size output parameter.
- gda_value_set_binary() takes a gconstpointer of data, though 
get_binary() returns a GdaBinary.

- This is a reference-counted object, but it also has a 
  gda_column_index_free() function. When would/could this be 
  used? I'm pretty sure that it should be removed. It does a 
  g_free() instead of a g_object_unref().

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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