Re: [gnome-db] database integration for GNOME 2.12

> > So, I'm asking here for ideas on how we could better integrate databases
> > into the GNOME desktop. So far, some (crazy) ideas:
> > * create a db-filesystem, like the WinFS thing on longhorn. That would
> > be a gnome-vfs module that offers a category-based filesystem for
> > gnome-vfs-based applications. Thus, users could use a database file
> > (SQLite) or a big database (for saving files from many applications)
> Good idea. The problem is that databases usually don't like to store
> big binary files for performances reasons... Also How would it be
> integrated with things like Beagle or Storage (I've never tried any, 
> though)?

This would be very useful,  there was a Samba VFS module that made a
virtual filesystem from an ODBC datasource.  Unfortunately it was never
picked-up/maintained and now seems to be gone [ and I lost my local
copy :( ]

Something like this for GNOME-VFS I think would be very useful,
particularly for places (like us) that already have a database oriented
document management system.

From rom Samba mail archive:
>I have created a VFS module which implements a fairly complete
> filesystem.  It presents information from a database as a filesystem in 
> a modular and generic way to allow different databases to be used 
> (originally designed for organizing MP3s under directories such as 
> "Artists," "Song Keywords," etc... I have since applied it to a student 
> roster database very easily).  The directory structure is stored in the 
> database itself and the module makes no assumptions about the database 
> structure beyond the table it requires to run.  You can find it at:

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