Re: [gnome-db] database integration for GNOME 2.12

On Thu, 03 Mar 2005 11:48:57 +0100, Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo gnome-db org> wrote:
> Hi
> Some time ago I was asked what plans I had for GNOME 2.x, and I asked
> 'database integration'. So, now, in the roadmap for GNOME 2.12
> (, as it was in previous roadmaps, there
> is that item.
> So, I'm asking here for ideas on how we could better integrate databases
> into the GNOME desktop. So far, some (crazy) ideas:
> * create a db-filesystem, like the WinFS thing on longhorn. That would
> be a gnome-vfs module that offers a category-based filesystem for
> gnome-vfs-based applications. Thus, users could use a database file
> (SQLite) or a big database (for saving files from many applications)

Good idea. The problem is that databases usually don't like to store
big binary files for performances reasons... Also How would it be
integrated with things like Beagle or Storage (I've never tried any, 

> * have mergeant finished and include it as part of the GNOME desktop

Mergeant is quite useable and in my point of view the missing features are:
-> database creation
-> database structure creation and modifications
-> reports generation.

Quite some time ago someone proposed to create a Nautilus view to
manage data sources, like there is for fonts:// for example. I ithink
that would be nice. At the time it was objected that the data sources
were not files and so Nautilus had nothing to do with them...


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