Re: [gnome-db] GRAND MASTER PLAN

>> There are at least 4 or 5 different projects around dealing with the
>> development of a RAD toolkit for the development of data-centric
>> applications. I cannot keep myself for suggesting all the involved
>> people to
>> concentrate their efforts on a single, common project. See above for
>> the addresses of the other projects.
> Yeah, like the K-company would be interested in supporting GNOME
> technology :-)
> It's hard enough trying to marry projects which use GTK!

So much of what is discussed is already do able in GNU Enterprise.  I have
not entered into the discussion as I know Linas, Dru and Rodrigo are all
familiar with GNUe so I suspect they have their reasons.

We do support GTK2 and we do integrate with Abiword today.  Currently we
have only done form letters, mail labels and likes, but it works.

> Still nothing wrong with stealing code (if it's GPL) and ideas (unless
> their patented).

That is not stealing that is leveraging. :)

Derek Neighbors
GNU Enterprise
derek gnue org

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