Re: [gnome-db] What DWI does [was Re: GnuCash page on GO site]

What does a GdaDataModel contain?

data from the underlying database, in rows x columns form.

Does it store information not recordset related, ie stuff for libgnomedb, should they be another new object which is higher up in api. the cvs and xml stuff, could that be in a file from gdadatamodel?

sorry, I dont understand what you're trying to say.

The append row,insert stuff, does that stuff work, ie do a select statement, then are able to append and update rows?

work on that is being done for 1.2, so yes, once done, it should work

ok sorry heres hte point i trying to make. version 1.2/libmergeant attempts to be what bonddb is. Its the same feature set. I could rip out bonddb and replace it with libgda and it would do the same thing without to much code to rewrite. Now thats feasible if it was more mature with update/insert row stuff, but i know bonddb works and i've been using it for years so i will proberly continue to use it in immeditate future. but if i am going to get bonddb to talk to libgda then i want to talk at a lower level, its costly resource wise to have libgda and bonddb doing the same job and one is just a wrapper to another. I can just talk to libgda datamodel fine but it could problems later on with version > 1.2 with bugs if both libgda and bonddb libraries were trying to do the same thing. Should the 1.2 changs be at a higher abstraction layer in the api?

What does gda-parameters do for sql statements?
it allows you to send arguments to SQL commands (INSERT INTO table
VALUES (:id, :name)

ok sweet.

Whats difference between gda-command and gda connection for sending commands to db?

GdaConnection manages a connection to a data source, GdaCommand contains
a command and related options to be sent to a GdaConnection to obtain/
modify data
so gdacommand is like an update or insert?

 likewise for GdaSelect.

no, that's the client-side SQL parser, which allows to do queries
against a set of in-memory data models.
its more of a tool though.

Memory freeing api functions. Where are they? Consitent names for freeing where possible.

g_object_unref for GObject-based classes. For the others, there is
always a _free function.
be nicer if that was in api so i know that it was specifically freed for non-gobject stuff. talking more so of structures.

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