Re: [gnome-db] What DWI does [was Re: GnuCash page on GO site]

On Sun, 2004-03-07 at 20:30 +1300, Dru wrote:
> gnomedb widgets need ability easy ability to popualte widgets from 
> non-libda sources (proberly already possible).
you just have to write a GdaDataModel-based class that access the non-
libgda sources. Or you can just create a GdaDataModelArray, for
instance, from the non-libgda source. Not sure if those are the easiest
ways, do you have any better idea?

>  with possible tie-ins on 
> sorting etc.  libgda api needs to be able to return field information 
> attributes.
it already does return a lot of information per field. I know there are
still some of the bugs you opened not fixed. Is that the missing
information you're talking about?

>  API is a bit complex and messy compared with other simplier
> data access libraries.  It has other things in there that proberly 
> shoulnd't be sitting in libgda, though i imagine this is because of 
> having to support a range of datbases and not just simply SQL.
could you ellaborate on this please? I'd like to hear any comments about
what you think is wrong


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