Re: [gnome-db] What DWI does [was Re: GnuCash page on GO site]

Rodrigo Moya wrote:
On Fri, 2004-03-05 at 04:39 +1300, Andrew Hill wrote:

ok i'm gonna comment cause my projects are very similar to Lina's and i've run into similar problems to building the nessary tools to rapidly develop database applications for gnome.
My approach is very similar but silighty different.
developer builds sql database. (currently only postgresql fully supported, libgda and mysql very partial support)
glade xml is used to generate bond xml (
developer adds in sql statements and attachs code they want to app.
reports can be written in papyrus (
database application front end ready to go and can be deployed.

On Mon, Mar 01, 2004 at 10:17:18AM +0100, Rodrigo Moya was heard to remark: is the object framework I'm planning
on using for the future gnucash core engine.

what are the advantages of this over libgda?
could you ellaborate more please?

This is a different to libgda. dwi and bond are more higher up interfaces than libgda. libgda requires writting code, and you'll often find yourself repeating the same tasks over and over again like inserting and updating sql statements, dealing with default values etc when you build a large db app. libgda is a lot more powerful in some ways cause its lower down but if you want to write a huge app in a short amount of time its quicker and easier to manage your database objects and forms as one in glade and xml etc. It comes down to what type of application your writing/best tool for the job.

right. The question is if, as bond/papyrus have tried to do, qof can be
changed to use libgda for the basic data access.

Then, as I said in a previous mail, we can see what things make sense
from it and either put them in libgda/libgnomedb/whatever, or keep them
in its current place.

If all this conversation is about sharing technology, then, we've got:
* libgda -> uniform data access to several data sources
* qof stuff -> built on top of libgda

That's what I'm saying. Is there any chance of this?


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gnomedb widgets need ability easy ability to popualte widgets from non-libda sources (proberly already possible). with possible tie-ins on sorting etc. libgda api needs to be able to return field information attributes. API is a bit complex and messy compared with other simplier data access libraries. It has other things in there that proberly shoulnd't be sitting in libgda, though i imagine this is because of having to support a range of datbases and not just simply SQL.

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