Re: [gnome-db] libsql

Vivien wrote:
On Thu, 2004-03-04 at 14:18 +0100, Vivien wrote:


I can't identify who is maintaining the libgdasql library (the one
under libsql/ in libgda). Is anyone maintaining it?

If no, then I'll take over it and do some in depth modifications.

great if you do so. We should extend it to support more complex SQL
sentences. Or what are the plans you have?

-> merge the work I've already done with Andrew's work
-> support more of SQL (UNION, INTERSECT, etc) and maybe later with DDL
-> add support for parameters (for example ... WHERE id=10[:name="my
param" :type="integer"] AND...)
-> remove the specific memory management code that had been created to
make sure memory management was Ok, and use the much simpler g_* functions



I've done a bit of work on more complex update and select statemetns but nothing with types like that. all the memory code is hash defines. I used it cause it is always a pain trying to figuring out memory usuage with bison and when to free and when not to free. quite useful for adding in new features to parser. Remove the #define MEM_TEST from mem.h and it goes back to using g_* allocations. One thing i did which isn't in libgda's libsql is i wrote some functions for being about to maniplate the sql statements in adding fields, joins etc to an sql statement. Also the bison parser isn't as fast as i like it to be. but theres not much i can do about that. We only did very very limited work on unions and intersect's. it was more of a case by case basis of what i did in sql statements and supportings those.

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