[gnome-db] Re: libgda vs. gnucash [was Re: GnuCash page on GO site]

Am Donnerstag, 4. März 2004 17:26 schrieb Linas Vepstas:

> > > One that has been dogging me is the correct way to split up
> > > a dataset across multiple files.  GnuCash startup time takes
> > > a long time if you have a large data fileset.  So I would like
> > > to split it up, while still allowing queries over older data
> > > in older files if the user needed that.

> (Note that the "date sort" is a bad example, since the 2004 file
> might need to contain transactions from 1999 to close out lots.
> A 'lot' is a collection of named transactions pertaining to a
> particular asset.  So the actual sorting of which transactions
> go into which file can be algorithmically complex).

Excuse me to break in here, AFAIK the tranditional and accountig method to 
keep different subsequent datasets coherent is to define corresponding and 
equal closing and opening transactions on the "borders" of of each period.
Maybe this could help here, too. This "shifting" or sorting of actual 
transaktions into a different preriod is a own book-keeping sub-task in the 
german accounting standards, and involves making assumptions i.e of valueing 
parts of lots etc.

This is also among the periodizing information I gathered on the wiki. There 
are also some more feedback from the lists on the wiki.


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