Re: [gnome-db] building libgda without freetds provider

On Tue, 2003-03-11 at 13:21, David T Hollis wrote:
> David T Hollis wrote:
> > I'm trying to build the latest libgda but I'm having problems with the 
> > FreeTDS and found the following problem: I have FreeTDS installed but 
> > the provider isn't liking the headers being in /usr/include/freetds. 
> > configure finds everything fine and the right -I is passed on the 
> > CFLAGS but gda-freetds-provider.c bombs not being able find tds.h.   I 
> > figured, no problem, I'm not using FreeTDS right now so I'll set it to 
> > 0 in the spec file.  No luck.  Bombs at the same spot.  I tried to 
> > hand compile it passing --without-freetds to configure  but it still 
> > picks up the headers and enables support.  Need to ensure that if the 
> > user explicitly says "I don't want that!" that configure doesn't try 
> > to helpfully enable.  I'd work up a patch but it's a little late.  
> > Maybe tomorrow if no one beats me to it.
> >
> >
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> Turns out it was the spec file that wasn't correct.  If TDS was 
> disabled, the spec was adding --without-freetds to configure, but 
> configure simply wanted --without-tds.  Patch attached.
right, patch applied.



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