[gnome-db] building libgda without freetds provider

I'm trying to build the latest libgda but I'm having problems with the FreeTDS and found the following problem: I have FreeTDS installed but the provider isn't liking the headers being in /usr/include/freetds. configure finds everything fine and the right -I is passed on the CFLAGS but gda-freetds-provider.c bombs not being able find tds.h. I figured, no problem, I'm not using FreeTDS right now so I'll set it to 0 in the spec file. No luck. Bombs at the same spot. I tried to hand compile it passing --without-freetds to configure but it still picks up the headers and enables support. Need to ensure that if the user explicitly says "I don't want that!" that configure doesn't try to helpfully enable. I'd work up a patch but it's a little late. Maybe tomorrow if no one beats me to it.

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