Re: [gnome-db] PostgreSQL 7.3

On Tue, 2003-03-11 at 11:22, Jean-Michel POURE wrote:
> Dear all,
> I installed Mergeant latest RedHat 8.0 binaries with gda-postgresq-0.10.0-1 
> provider. Now, I would like to open a PostgreSQL 7.3.1 database. In Mergeant, 
> I can see a MySQL provider but no PostgreSQL provider. Do I miss something?
hmm, so, you've got a in
$prefix/lib/libgda/providers? If so, it should show up, so maybe there's
some undefined symbol or some other problem that prevents the .so to be
loaded. Could you please run gda-test and see if it displays some error
message when trying to load the postgres .so?

If there is some error when loading the .so, gda-test should display an
error message about it, so that might sched some light on what the
problem is.


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