Re: [gnome-db] The ODBC provider?

Daniel Morgan wrote:
Here are the instructions on how to step on Rodrigo's toes... :-)

Basically, this involves porting from libgda 0.2.196 to libgda 0.9.

1. Get a copy of the source from libgda 0.2.196 which was the last in the
0.2.x series.  This included a working ODBC provider written by a unixODBC

The working ODBC provider can be found in providers/gda-odbc-provider.

2. Either get libgda source from libgda cvs HEAD or get libgda 0.9

The skeleton for an ODBC provider can be found in providers/odbc.

Thanks, it was more the gnome-db bits, but I can try and sort it all out :-)

3. Have a working ODBC implementation on your computer via unixODBC or

I think I will pick that one :-)

Nick Gorham
Easysoft Limited (and unixODBC)

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