Re: [gnome-db] Oracle, Table Names and Progress

El mié, 05-02-2003 a las 09:24, Vivien Malerba escribió:
> I would like to have the following  kind of information, for every object we want
> information on (Tables, views, sequences, triggers, ...):
> -> information on how to get the fully qualified name (ie in postgres
> schema.table_name for example), this means getting separately the name
> of the object and the name of the "namespace" the object belongs to (so
> that namespace_name.object_name is the fully qualified name of the
> object)
> -> for every object, a flag indicating if the object can be accessed
> using only the object name (without prepending the namespace name).
> -> for every object, a list of flags describing what the user which is
> connected can do on the objects (select, ...)
> This kind of "logical view" would be IMHO very close to what Oracle and
> Postgres implement and allow the following features to be easily
> implemented:
> -> by default show only objects which the user has rights on and which
> do not need to have the namespace prepended to be accessed
> -> show objects of a selected namespace as an option
> -> all the objects as an option
> This idea necessitates the following implementations:
> -> a or implement the GDA_CONNECTION_SCHEMA_NAMESPACES schema to get all the namespaces
> -> a modification of most of the schemas to add a column to return the
> namespace to which the object belong to, and a column to describe the
> rights on the object (except for the GDA_CONNECTION_SCHEMA_FIELDS and
> What do you think?

I like this idea.

> I think it would also be nice to have a GDA_CONNECTION_SCHEMA_USERS
> which would return the list of users (and maybe some other information
> about each user).

It already exists ;-)

Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <gonzalo gnome-db org>

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