Re: [gnome-db] Oracle, Table Names and Progress


Instead of trying to solve the problem in a specific way for Oracle or
Postgres, here is a point of view from what information I would expect
to find from the providers to use with mergeant.

I would like to have the following  kind of information, for every object we want
information on (Tables, views, sequences, triggers, ...):
-> information on how to get the fully qualified name (ie in postgres
schema.table_name for example), this means getting separately the name
of the object and the name of the "namespace" the object belongs to (so
that namespace_name.object_name is the fully qualified name of the
-> for every object, a flag indicating if the object can be accessed
using only the object name (without prepending the namespace name).
-> for every object, a list of flags describing what the user which is
connected can do on the objects (select, ...)

This kind of "logical view" would be IMHO very close to what Oracle and
Postgres implement and allow the following features to be easily
-> by default show only objects which the user has rights on and which
do not need to have the namespace prepended to be accessed
-> show objects of a selected namespace as an option
-> all the objects as an option

This idea necessitates the following implementations:
-> a or implement the GDA_CONNECTION_SCHEMA_NAMESPACES schema to get all the namespaces
-> a modification of most of the schemas to add a column to return the
namespace to which the object belong to, and a column to describe the
rights on the object (except for the GDA_CONNECTION_SCHEMA_FIELDS and

What do you think?

I think it would also be nice to have a GDA_CONNECTION_SCHEMA_USERS
which would return the list of users (and maybe some other information
about each user).


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