Re: [gnome-db] Oracle, Table Names and Progress

On Sat, 2003-02-01 at 02:16, Steve Fosdick wrote:
> Is this what the SCHEMA_DATABASES category is supposed to do - offer
> different sets of tables/views which are available without changing the
> connection to the server (including who we are logged in as)?
exactly. Usually, those would be real databases, as it is for postgres
and mysql, for instance. I was thinking that the oracle provider could
simulate databases by using Oracle's schemas.

>   If this
> is the case then we have a nice solution to the business of table names,
> but it does leave the question as to what the create_database and
> drop_database methods are supposed to do in the case of Oracle as, for
> what we are proposing, these would amount to creating and dropping
> users.
hmm, right. Or we could just leave them unimplemented in oracle,
although well, that would be a strange thing to have to call a (future)
drop_user for a schema returned in the DATABASES schema. Not sure what
to do, any other idea?


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