Re: [gnome-db] Re: libgda Perl bindings

On Fri, 2002-05-31 at 20:56, Rendhalver [Peter Brown] wrote:
>     Rodrigo> We've got a plan though for the bindings (not only perl, but bindings in
>     Rodrigo> general), which is to work out some .defs files (the format used by the
>     Rodrigo> GNOME binding language team) to be able to generate bindings for many
>     Rodrigo> languahes, included perl, from those files.
> will have a look at the docs for these (i am assuming they are on the gnome site ??)
I don't know if there are docs at all. Better contact ariel
(ariel gnu org)

>     Rodrigo> Other perl jobs we want to do is to do scripting on the front-end, via
>     Rodrigo> perl/python/guile/whatever, so it might be another thing you could help
>     Rodrigo> us on.
> cool
>     Rodrigo> So, how does it sound?
> nifty
cool, tell us/ask us anything you need. Don't be afraid to ask :-)


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