[gnome-db] Re: Adding Setting in Gnome-DB

On Wed, 2002-03-20 at 08:29, Rodrigo Moya wrote:
> there is a file, libgnomedb/data/libgnomedb.schemas, where all config
> entries are added. This file is installed with GConf, so that we have
> default values, documentation, etc, about all of our config entries.
> Just open that file and add an entry for the new config key. As you open
> the file, you'll see how to do it, since it's just XML.
That easy?  Cool. Thanks for the reply.
> > I'm thinking of using a boolean, to indicate the setting.  GConf appears
> > to allow only three data types for a setting: boolean, string, and
> > integer.
> > 
> also lists and other structures, and floats, I think.
Great!  I was basing that assumption on the GConf editor for Gnome2 Beta
2 which only supports the three types.  I guess the GConf editor will
eventually support all the types of GConf.
> > Also, with the GtkTextView option being used, SQL error messages will be
> > outputted to the GtkTextView too instead of an error message box popping
> > up.
> > 
> that would require a bit of work, but is also possible.
Not really.  Gnome-db was designed so well that all the hard parts are
under the hood in libgnomedb and libgda.  I am hoping to have a patch by
this weekend.  The out widget works great by the way.  I just have to
allow the user to choose which one to use.

- Daniel

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