[gnome-db] Re: Adding Setting in Gnome-DB

On Wed, 2002-03-20 at 12:28, Daniel Morgan wrote:
> Hello Rodrigo,
> Yesterday in IRC, you said for me to put the settings for GConf in some
> schema for libgnomedb so it can be documented.  I can't remember exactly
> what you said and I didn't log the IRC session either.  Sorry about
> re-asking the question.  What exactly must I do?
there is a file, libgnomedb/data/libgnomedb.schemas, where all config
entries are added. This file is installed with GConf, so that we have
default values, documentation, etc, about all of our config entries.

Just open that file and add an entry for the new config key. As you open
the file, you'll see how to do it, since it's just XML.

> This particular setting involves the result set output widget for the
> Gnome-DB SQL Window.  Currently, there is the gnome-db-grid widget, but
> I will be adding a GtkTextView to output the results instead of the
> gnome-db-grid.
> This setting would be a user preference for the result set widget:
> 1. use the gnome-db-grid (this will be the default)
> 2. use the GtkTestView
yeah, a nice idea.

> If the user changes the setting to use the GtkTextView, they will be
> provided with another option, to clear the GtkTextView before each
> output of a result set.
> Here is the #define for the GConf setting:
> "/apps/gnome-db/SqlWindow/ResultSetWidget"
> I'm thinking of using a boolean, to indicate the setting.  GConf appears
> to allow only three data types for a setting: boolean, string, and
> integer.
also lists and other structures, and floats, I think.

> Also, with the GtkTextView option being used, SQL error messages will be
> outputted to the GtkTextView too instead of an error message box popping
> up.
that would require a bit of work, but is also possible.

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