Re: [gnome-db] gda-postgres doesn't work with postgresql 7.2

>>>>> On 05 Mar 2002 09:23:46 +0100,
>>>>> "WE" == Wurbel Eric <wurbel univ-tln fr> wrote:

WE> If you have a look at /usr/share/pgsql/postgres.bki,
WE> which seems to be a dump of postgres system catalogs,
WE> you will see that these tables are created without OIDs :
WE> pg_attribute
WE> pg_attrdef
WE> pg_relcheck
WE> pg_inherits
WE> pg_index
WE> pg_amop
WE> pg_amproc
WE> pg_largeobject
WE> pg_statistic
WE> pg_listener
WE> pg_description
WE> pg_shadow
WE> pg_group

WE> Perhaps the only solution is to switch to non-oid joins for these
WE> tables...

Yes, but the current issue is what gda-postgres uses instead
of oid. gda-postgres used oid for getting a description. Is
there something alternative stuff?

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