Re: [gnome-db] Name proposal/contest for gnome-db/gASQL

On Mon, 2002-06-17 at 12:08, Rendhalver [Peter Brown] wrote:
>     >> Both the browser from gnome-db and gASQL appear similar (because there is a
>     >> common point visible which is the DBMS) but still they are different (have
>     >> different goals). Both concepts (DBMS management and app development) are
>     >> useful. But it appears to me that the integration should clarify how to best
>     >> put them together.
>     >> 
>     >> Or am I completely out of context?
>     >> 
>     Rodrigo> no, you are right. The only problem is that we need somebody to write
>     Rodrigo> the docs and keep them updated along with the website.
>     Rodrigo> cheers
> i could help with the website and possible with the docs too
> i have had a bit of experince with websites mostly programming for them
> (i am part of the XEmacs web team to name the one most known)
that would be great! The website is on the gnome-db-web CVS module, and
the docs are in $module/doc/C, for libgda, libgnomedb and gnome-db.

So, it's all yours :-)


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